Collecting vintage pottery and work from other artists is  inspirational as well as educational for me. I found this rectangular Frankoma container at a junk shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas for about $10. I love the green and brown color and the matte glaze. Definitely want to try this someday!

Frankoma container

Many of my fellow students are super talented and I often buy their pieces at student shows. I love the way Lou Spitz distorts his wheel thrown pieces such as this whimsical tea pot. The subtle colors Joe Adler achieves by spraying glazes onto his wheel thrown bowls are simply beautiful.

Altered wheel thrown tea pot by Lou Spitz
Textured bowl with sprayed glaze by Joe Adler

Mari Ogihara is an instructor at the Rockland Center for the Arts, where I study and I bought two of her pieces at an instructors’ show that are great examples of hand built pieces. Circles are my favorite shape, which is what attracted me to this piece.

Hand built wall art by Mari Ogihara

Collecting work from other artists opens my mind up to other ideas, supports the efforts of fellow potters and above all brings beauty into my home!

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